When the Best Guy Turns into the Worst Husband

Worst Husband in Colorado SpringsThere are plenty of good guys in the world. In the eyes of the general public, their respectable attitude and notable charm already make them suitable partners. Since he’s a good guy, he will also make a good husband, they say.

Unfortunately, that is not always the case.

Husbands will always have flaws, but if they keep falling short, questions naturally arise. Did the once-perfect good guy actually turn out to be the worst husband in the world?

Why the Good Guy Failed

So, why do a number of women consult divorce attorneys in Colorado Springs despite marrying nice husbands?

Some men might be competent and powerful in the workplace. They are good with communicating with others outside the home, the star of every social circle. Their attitude draws others to follow them, earning their respect — except it’s different for their wives.

In some cases, men are good outside the home, but when it comes to their personal relationships, they remain immature. People have different responses to the various areas of their lives. In terms of marriage, the good guy is not good enough in handling conflicts concerning finances, emotions, and satisfying the wife’s demands.

Acknowledging Flaws: Till When?

As mentioned, people will always have flaws. Your good husband will fail somewhere, one way or another. He might fail to do the dishes for the nth time or forget to text you when necessary. These mistakes, however, are forgivable. He can always fix them. But if the flaws compromise the quality of your relationship and your family life, then it’s time to stop.

If the good guy attends to all office-related events, but fails to show up at his child’s recitals, raise questions. If he can successfully win investors, but keeps losing your trust, is it still worth it?

When the good guy fails to do some good in problematic areas of the marriage, he is not a good husband after all.

So before you marry a good guy, consider if he also has the characteristics of a good husband. Doing so prevents you from suffering from an unhappy marriage.