The 3 Essential E-phrases for Your Baby’s Daily Dental Care

Dentists in Sioux FallsIt’s truly exciting to see your baby’s first pearly whites finally peeking through their gums. Once the pain is gone and the excitement has died down, it is time to oversee your child’s dental health. Use these three “E” phrases to prepare:

Early Introduction – Some parents believe that it’s best to introduce brushing when their children are already toddlers. However, you can already give your baby a starter lesson in dental hygiene as early as their first year. If their first baby teeth have made an appearance, you can clean them with a soft, clean cloth. You wouldn’t need to use a baby toothbrush yet, but you can show them how you brush your teeth to familiarize them with tooth brushing.

Expert Opinion – True, you already have a pediatrician to care for your baby’s health. For now, your baby’s doctor can give you their reliable and professional advice on your child’s well-being and nutritional needs. Don’t be satisfied with that, though. As early as now, it’s best to look for an expert in family dentistry in Sioux Falls, SD if you still don’t have one.

Eating Habits – The first thing you must be aware of is your baby’s nutrition. It would be good that you’ve maintained breastfeeding — it’s the most reliable source of calcium after all — but if you have not been able to continue it, still stick to the healthy option. Feed your child fresh fruits and vegetables, which you’ve blended or mashed. These are better than buying the bottled kind.

The letter E need not be connected to just your child’s screaming and screeching over a toothache. These three phrases beginning with E is quite E-easy to remember and can be applied E-effortlessly. Take these suggestions seriously, as it involves your child’s dental health for years to come.