Invisalign: A Better Alternative to Metal Braces

Removable InvisalignDo you want to fix your misaligned and protruding teeth? Perhaps, Invisalign is just the treatment you are looking for. It is essential to understand what and how it can help you restore your beautiful smile.

The Term 'Invisalign'

Invisalign was first introduced with the intent of treating and straightening teeth just like how metal braces works. Though the two treatments are closely similar, wearing this system brings more convenience and comfort especially because Invisalign aligners are invisible and removable, says

People turn to Invisalign for a number of reasons. These include the following:

Aesthetic Reasons

Compared to metal braces, the translucent design of these plastic aligners is less noticeable and can easily blend with your teeth. Since it is colourless, it is easier to smile and converse confidently without worrying that a metal bracket or wire will snap out once you make a move.

No Need to Avoid Certain Food

With traditional braces, there are chances that the wires and brackets will go missing when you eat hard or sticky foods. Due to this fact, your orthodontist will likely ask you to refrain from eating it for the time being or until the readjustments are all over. With Invisalign, you do not have to give up anything. Since your aligners are removable, you may simply set it aside for a moment to help you enjoy your meals without worrying about messing it up or anything.

Cleaning is Easier

Another good reason why many people are attracted to this dental procedure is they do not usually require intricate or special care to keep everything in place. A simple washing and brushing of your aligners is more than enough to keep it clean and tidy. Along with that, you can easily go on with your usual and normal oral care routine without worrying too much about it.

Be reminded, however, that although Invisalign has a lot of benefits, you should still consult your dentist for proper diagnosis and assessment. Because nobody knows your dental health better than they do.