Crunchy Things and Then Some: Satisfying Food That Ruin Your Teeth

Food from Los Angeles that can damage your teethWhen you were a child, did your parents tell you off for reaching into the cookie jar?

Since your childhood, your parents probably told you to stay away from eating too much sugar and junk food. The common reasons they probably gave are that children may end up being hyperactive due to the sugar and that food containing too much sugar has extra calories that may lead to obesity.

The most alarming thing that they probably told you is that if you ate too much junk food, your teeth will rot. Well, says all the things your parents told you are not entirely impossible. Your favorite things to munch on may actually ruin your teeth.

Hard Candy

You’re totally aware of this. Too much sweet is bad for your teeth, as the sugar will eat away at them. Hard candy may also trigger dental emergencies, such as chipped and broken teeth. If you’re looking for a better alternative, chew sugarless gum instead. Make sure you look for brands with the ADA seal.

Ice Cubes

Surprisingly, many people chew on ice cubes despite the constant warning that these may lead to dental problems. Ice cubes may not contain any sugar, but chewing on their solid form puts you at risk of a damaged enamel and, consequently, dental emergencies.

Sticky Food

Sorry, PB&J fans, but you might want to lessen your intake of the scrumptious midday snack. Some people like the “stick-to-the-roof-of-your-mouth” texture, but that quality of peanut butter makes it more dangerous for your teeth, as it sticks to the teeth as well, giving the sugar more time to inflict damage.

You may think that dried fruits are wholesome and healthier than candy, but that’s where you’re wrong. These fruits have high concentrations of sugar caused by the drying process, which makes them stickier and more dangerous to your teeth.

Potato Chips

A satisfying bag of chips can cause plaque build-up. If you choose to indulge in these, make sure that you floss and brush your teeth right after because the starch found in chips tend to stick between teeth.

Even as adults, you still need to watch what you eat. Not just for your weight, but also for your oral health. So, practice good oral hygiene and visit the dentist regularly, as these simple things can do so much for the state of your dental health.