The Fruits of Winter: Grow Oranges at Home

Home Orangery In BirminghamNothing is better than enjoying the fruits of your labour – fresh oranges from your garden are a real treat in the winter. A well-maintained orangery can give you citrus fruits year-round, and is a wonderful addition to your home.

Though oranges can be difficult to grow in the cool climate of England, Britons have managed to cultivate oranges at home since the 17th century. It is really just a matter of having the right gardening knowledge to nurture your own citrus plants.

A Well-Designed Orangery

A well-designed orangery is a necessity if you want to grow oranges successfully. Finesse Windows, a Birmingham window company, suggests the use of double glazing and insulated walls to protect your plants from the elements.

The glass is notorious for allowing heat to escape, which is why your orangery will require proper insulation to protect your fruit trees from bad weather. You should maintain temperatures of 12 to 37 degrees Celsius to create optimal growing conditions. Oranges are extremely sensitive to frost and cold weather and generally prefer dry conditions.

Optimal Conditions

Orange gardeners truly have their work cut out for them. One of the major differences of an orangery and a conservatory is that they have earth floors. This allows you to plant the trees straight into the ground. It gives the plants enough room to grow, as citrus plants do not fare well in pots.

For optimal growing conditions, you will need sandy, well-draining soil. England typically has loamy soil, so you may have to till your garden and add the type of dirt that the plants prefer.

Orange trees require a lot of sunlight. While your glass orangery roof provides a lot of natural light, you may need to have additional lamps for use in the winter.

Despite the hard work that goes into the maintenance of an orangery, growing your own fruit is well worth the effort.