The Essentials of Estate Planning You Need to Know

Estate Attorney in DenverWhen it comes to estate planning, you have to make sure that you at least have an idea about what you’re doing. It’s not just about the property itself, but also everything that comes along with it. What are they? Read on, and find out.

Healthcare Power of Attorney

Having a reliable Denver real estate lawyer is handy when it comes to drafting a power of attorney regarding healthcare — or designating the person tasked to make medical-related decisions for you, in the event that they are needed. The attorney can help you pick a person you really trust so that you wouldn’t just be entrusting your life to someone who might not make the best decisions for you.

Proper Buying and Selling

There are certain questions that you must be able to answer regarding yourself and your estate. For example, are you going to buy and sell from your own place, or out of town? Is your property a residential or commercial one? Is the place where your property stands considered a “problematic area?” Do you personally own the place, or are you an heir? These terms may be confusing, and for that, you definitely need the help of someone who knows what needs to be done — an estate attorney.

Wills and Trusts

Your will should be a personal decision, but it also wouldn’t hurt to get the help of a professional, especially when it comes to drafting the document — so it wouldn’t seem as if it’s been written by a kid. Your will also has to be drafted in such a way that it would resonate with who you are as a person, and with your plans for the future.

Apart from what was mentioned, you also have to make way for proper authorization of guardianship, designations of beneficiaries, and even letters of intent regarding your plans for the estate.