Live Healthy: Health Benefits of a Clean Carpet

Clean Carpet in CroydonA clean carpet is the foundation of a great home decor. It can improve the mood of a room and create a positive impression for visitors.

A clean carpet also has great health benefits. Carpet Bright UK understands that asthma sufferers benefit from clean carpets especially when they are cleaned thoroughly.

A thoroughly cleaned carpet provides these health benefits:

Improves Air Quality

The contaminants in the carpet degrade air quality. While vacuuming removes the contaminants on the surface of the carpet, it is ineffective in removing the contaminants hiding inside the carpet.

A carpet cleaned from the inside out can improve air quality by minimising allergens in a room. Those with asthma can find the air easier to breathe when all the contaminants inside the carpet are removed.

Eliminates Trapped Pollutants

Carpets naturally trap pollutants in the air such as dust and dirt. Besides these everyday pollutants, particle pollutants such as lead and pet dander are also trapped in the carpet. These pollutants are released back into the air when people vacuum or simply walk over the carpet.

Professionals would use a high-powered vacuum to remove deeply trapped pollutants in the carpet. In addition, they will use a special shampoo to kill bacteria and other foreign matter. The result is a carpet free from any known pollutant.

Prevents Mould Growth

Carpets exposed to high humidity and moisture are vulnerable to mould growth. When a wet carpet is not dried right away, moisture sinks into the carpet. This moisture sets the perfect environment for mould growth.

A clean carpet is a dry carpet. To ensure that mould does not grow, the carpets are blasted with high-power drying tools that eliminate moisture.

It is not enough to vacuum a carpet. To remove any dirt and toxins inside the carpet, it needs to be meticulously washed, shampooed and dried by experienced carpet cleaning professionals.