Don’t Just Retarget — Retarget Properly

Retargeting Retargeting advocates believe it SHOULD be the way of the future — in terms of digital marketing, of course.

Those for retargeting use the fact that 98% of web traffic leaves without converting. It’s a fair point; after all, that 98% visited your site because they had a purchasing interest. By keeping the company sane in front of crazy buyers who didn’t buy, you can still win them for good.

What others forget to mention, however, is that some people aren’t ready to buy when they visit the site. According to Hubspot, 4% aren’t ready.

So, what do you do?

Take Them to the Next Step

For SEO experts and providers of PPC management services, the best way to use retargeting is simple: stop thinking it’s a rehash of your original advertising message.

Clearly, the initial message didn’t work; forcing it to work won’t encourage a different response. Smart retargeting follows where the customers are in their journey. Instead of forcing them to make the decision, you help them.

Once you made the message, refrain from recycling. It’s time to try something different.

Assist in the Decision Process

If you’ve done your marketing research, you should have a good idea of the buyer’s journey. Applying what you learn now comes in handy.

You might be aware that most people have an interest in your product but don’t convert. Some just take their time to consider their options. In this case, customers compare — not convert. If you keep pushing them to commit, they will be frustrated.

Proper retargeting points consumers to pages that compare solutions and create value for the audience. As a result, the ads build a positive feel for your company.

Despite the wealth of retargeting options, it’s not enough to just drop conversion pixels and push for ads. That’s not how it works. If you want all retargeting efforts to be a success, design an advertising strategy that meets the goals and expectations of the customer.

It takes extra effort to perfect your retargeting strategy. Doing it right saves you time and effort, and pleases your customers.