Two Brilliant Brands to Learn From

Brand SealWhether you are scanning the Reader’s Digest’s Most Trusted Brand List or Forbes’ Most Valuable Brands List, the same names appear: Apple, Google, Facebook, Nike, Dell, Microsoft, HP, L’Oreal and so on. These companies have genius marketing campaigns and impeccable execution of their branding. 

What have they done right and how can these strategies work for your small business? Here is‘s quick look at two success stories.


This powerhouse has transformed coffee into an experience. Cited both for its marketing brilliance and its customer-centered service, Starbucks seems to understand the caffeine public better than the public understands itself. For one, it is artsy and creative. The Starbucks logo is easily distinguishable anywhere without trying too hard to call attention to itself. Brand seals in Starbucks’ products and freebies are consistent in color and proportion.

The appeal is also inclusive connecting to both the corporate and artsy types alike. Stanley Hainsworth, the creative genius behind the success of Nike, Lego, and Starbucks, believes in the power of telling a story to reach out to its target market. How did the product come to be? What makes it so special? He challenged himself to understand what the customer desired before they even realized it. When all other establishments speeded up their service, Starbucks decided to slow down, to personalize, to make buying coffee a personal experience.

General Electric

Longevity is something that GE can brag about. From the light bulb to its expansions in aviation today, GE has maintained an impeccable name for itself. The strategy it excels in is humanizing. GE does not solely showcase its products. It also gives its consumers a sneak peek on who makes the products and how.

A staunch supporter of innovations in science and technology, GE also likes to put its problems out there and pique the curiosity of its audience. In 2012, it used crowdsourcing to get scientists to come up with actionable solutions to air traffic and healthcare problems. It was a brilliant way to engage the public, humanize the brand, and collect new ideas.

Brand seals need to be creative, to look good, and to stand out, but the real challenge is to connect to people on an emotional level so that consuming a product becomes a unique and unforgettable experience.