The Safety and Sensible Guide of Choosing Home Window Treatment

Window TreatmentWhen it comes to window treatments, one can choose either a heavy or sheer drapes or roller blinds, which for many years have been a popular choice as an alternative for dressing the window.

There are several types of blinds, which are used depending on the decor theme or its function, notes Image Blinds. For instance, in big spaces with huge and wide windows, motorised roller blinds or panels glides make control a breeze. There are also blinds intended to block 100% of light, which is more ideal for bedroom window treatment. This features black fabric on both sides.

Latest Trends in Textile Technology

Green is still in. Most product developers are working on organic textures and design, aiming to be in line with the global trend in textile technology. Consumers are now more adventurous with their choice of colour and materials that will complement existing home designs. The market for “back to nature” trend is increasing globally especially to individuals who are searching for more interesting textures and designs.

Roller Blind Safety

With several tragic accident news involving blind cords and or chains in past has prompted the government to step in and raise awareness of the hazards involving corded window treatments in homes and public places. This compelled the industry to upgrade safety standards in production and installation of materials in every homes and establishment. The product should have the following:

1. General warning label
2. Safety device labels
3. Fitting/Production instruction

When looking for blinds in Brisbane, look for a shop that provides installations of roller blinds with wide design and textile option. An ideal window treatment design should not just be easy on the eyes but it should also offer comfort and safety.