Is Skateboarding Really As Dangerous As You Think?

SkateboardingSkateboarding as a hobby or sport — a thought that induces nightmares in many parents. They get visions of broken bones, dreams, and such; perhaps they’re overreacting. And badly, at that. After all, people buying skate ramps and other skate equipment have made skateboarding a $4.8 billion industry. If it was so dangerous, how would it be such a profitable and popular industry?

There’s more than enough proof that skateboarding is a safe sport. In fact, several sports and activities which are considered “safer” are more perilous.

Crunching Numbers

Consider popular team sports like football, soccer, and basketball. Football features big, essentially armored men crashing into each other at full force. This level of rough play is enough to churn out 60 concussions per 100,000 games or practice sessions –and that’s just for the high school level.

How about soccer (or football, as non-American enthusiasts would correct)? There’s about 10 injuries per 1,000 players. Lastly, there’s basketball: you’re twice as likely to get injured playing hoops than during a skate session. You’re also more likely to die climbing a ladder: 113 people perish every year doing this deceptively simple task.

Longboarding And Skateboarding

A lot of people are into a variant of the sport known as longboarding. A longboard is essentially a longer version of the skateboard that is also heavier. It’s made for cruising at high speeds for longer periods of time. But, a study of 824 people reveals that sans the flips and tricks, longboards are more perilous: 57.5 percent got injured, while only 42.5 percent experienced the same fate while skateboarding.

Several numbers further paint the dangers of longboarding. Eight percent of those included in the study suffered from a head fracture, 31 percent had traumatic brain injuries, and 14 percent had intracranial hemorrhage (bleeding inside the skull cavity). Overall, longboarders are at a much greater risk of suffering from serious head injuries.

There’s no way to completely eradicate the dangers of skateboarding. All that could be done is limit the chances of getting injured. But, skateboarding is like any other sport — there’s always danger lurking in the corner. And prevention will always be the best countermeasure to all.