5 Non-aesthetic Reasons Why You Should Replace Missing Teeth

Dental Treatment in MeridianMany people seeking tooth replacement do so for aesthetic reasons. They care about their looks, and the tooth loss makes them feel self-conscious. But what if the missing tooth doesn’t affect your smile or you don’t care about your appearance?

Here are some non-aesthetic reasons to make you consider visiting a cosmetic dentist in Meridian such as Scott W. Grant, DMD ASAP.

  1. To Avoid Bone Loss

The alveolar bone helps to anchor teeth in the oral cavity. Chewing contributes to keeping the structure and density of this supporting bone. Tooth loss or tooth extraction leads to no stimulation for the bone. Without stimulation, the bone deteriorates, and its tissue breaks down. Consequences of bone loss include teeth loosening and falling out as well as changes in facial structure. Teeth replacement helps to keep the alveolar bone healthy.

  1. To Avoid Tooth Shifting

When you lose a tooth, additional pressure and stress are exerted on the teeth surrounding the tooth loss or extraction gap. The pressure causes the affected teeth to shift towards the space. Other teeth then move, leading to alignment issues. Tooth replacement prevents surrounding teeth from drifting into the left gap.

  1. To Avert Teeth Breakage or Fracture

Pressure on individual teeth can also increase the risk of teeth breaking or fracture. Tooth replacement can, therefore, prevent further damage to the remaining teeth.

  1. To Avert Gum Disease/Tooth Decay

Teeth shifting can create hard-to-reach spots in the mouth. Consequently, brushing and flossing become less efficient, leading to the collection of harmful tartar and plaque and this enhances the risk of tooth decay and gingivitis. The loss can, therefore, compromise your oral health.

  1. To Prevent Face Shape Alteration

Bone deterioration and loss leads to tooth loosening and falling out. The consequences are changes in facial structure. Shape altering changes include sunken cheeks and wrinkles around the oral cavity.

If you have lost even a single tooth, you should, therefore, talk to an experienced cosmetic dentist in Meridian. The doctor can help you decide on a suitable teeth replacement option. The replacement will fix more than just your smile.