Simple Office Makeover Ideas That Will Make Your Staff Smile

Painting the Wall with Light Color in QueanbeyanThe everyday grind can make your office as a place tedium and stress. Why not give try these simple changes that can give your workplace an instant makeover? The change of atmosphere will definitely make work more pleasurable.


Getting good light is essential to helping employees become more productive. Choose light sources and light colours that match the needed mood for business or artistry. Yellow and more natural looking lights are perfect for more relaxed environments. Better yet, aim to bring in more light by installing wider windows and glass doors. Industry experts at Monaro Windows suggest checking Canberra door and windows manufacturers and installers for options that would fit your design change.


There’s no need to stick to whites, greys or browns in your office. Bright, friendly colours like yellow, pink, and blue can be used if the workplace can actually benefit from the change. Choose a maximum of three colours that are subtle and relaxing to the eye or colours that are bright and encourage you to stay active and awake. Try hanging pictures that sport these colours if you feel painting the walls is too much trouble.

Sound and Video

Music and film are great ways to give your office that bit of joy you won’t get just by rearranging the furniture and repainting the walls. Practically speaking, not everyone will appreciate the kind of songs, radio stations, or even movies you show every single time. However, it does offer a kind of white noise that stops people from getting bored when working. You can install speakers on the four corners and ceiling of your biggest office or perhaps a few flat screen TVs to stream popular movies during slow hours.

In the end, your goal is to make your working atmosphere a better place for your staff and yourself. A happy, positive, and creative mood at the office encourages faster and better quality output. So don’t be afraid of change because, in this case, it means improvement not just of the place but of your people.