Dates – A Healthy Dose of Sweetness

Date FruitHave you ever tried dates? You might have even compared them to raisins and prunes for they have a wrinkled exterior – only that these are bigger. They are also uniquely sweet. Known to have healing powers in the past, dates continue to be an important ingredient in Middle Eastern cuisine.

Whether you enjoy dates fresh or dry – as it is often prepared, its effects on health are just as abundant. Here are just some of the health benefits that dates have to offer.

Digestive Health

Dates promote digestive health. These fruits contain soluble and insoluble fibre that helps clean the gastrointestinal system, which makes for regular bowel movements. Soaking a few dates in water and chewing on them daily will benefit your colon, reducing the risks of colon cancer, haemorrhoids and colitis.

These also contain potassium, which helps if you have diarrhoea. Its ease of digestion reduces the risk of chronic diarrhoea.


Dates have impressive levels of iron, making them an ideal addition to the diets of those who suffer from anaemia. It boosts strength and energy while cutting down on feelings of fatigue.

Bone Strength and Health

Dates are rich in magnesium, manganese, calcium, copper and selenium. All of which are necessary to keep your bone healthy, especially if you are starting to age, reducing the risk of problems such as osteoporosis. Experts recommend eating at least 3 dates daily, so if you need to store them somewhere, recommends a date box to secure your healthy snack.

Sexual Stamina

Known as a natural aphrodisiac, if you soak a handful of these in goat’s milk with a mixture of honey and cardamom, the mixture becomes a tonic that is helpful in reducing sterility and increasing sexual endurance. The high levels of flavonoid and estradiol components increase motility and sperm count as well.

Heart Health

The fruit contains antioxidants such as zeaxanthin and lutein. This also contains folic acid and niacin, both of which are B vitamins. The former helps regulate homocysteine, a non-protein amino acid, which in high levels, is linked to heart disease. Niacin boosts good cholesterol.

If you like dates, then keep eating! Not only do these taste good, but they also have many health benefits. However, before you consume these, make sure that you clean them thoroughly to wash away the impurities that you may ingest.