Why Your Website Isn’t Working: 5 Reasons that Need Attention

SEO in BrisbaneYou have a website; you spent a considerable amount of time and money just to get it up and running. Months later, that website is yet to generate enough to justify its existence. Should you shelve the website project and move on?

BambrickMedia.com.au says: not necessarily. What you should do, however, is get to the bottom of things: why is your website not successful? Isn’t it supposed to attract more people now that you have an online presence?

Here are some possible reasons your website isn’t shaping up to be the pillar of hope you imagined it to be back when you started it.

Reason #1

Your website works on computers but not on mobile devices. It’s been quite a while since mobile Internet use overtook computer access. If your website was not built with this in mind, it may not function properly when people access it with their smartphones or tablets. Check your website now before you lose more traffic.

Reason #2

Your website is invisible. Google keywords normally used to find your website. If your website isn’t competing on the results pages, people won’t be knocking on your online door. This is the major reason website SEO in Brisbane exists. If you do have a company doing SEO for you and they haven’t shown you any results at all, drop them for a better, more reliable company.

Reason #3

Your website simply looks bad. Believe it or not, most people would click away from your site if it looks unpleasant. Get the honest opinion of your employees (not the people in charge of your website design) and your friends. A website that doesn't look appealing should have a website redesign.

Reason #4

Your website, especially your conversion process, is confusing. People go online to find what they need quickly. They don’t want to fill out surveys and see all those pop-ups. They don’t want to click ten, twenty times just to buy a pair of sneakers. If they click on an image, they expect information on that image and not something totally unrelated. Make your conversion process — and your website in general — easily navigable and useable.

Reason #5

Your content is not authoritative. Don’t post stuff you don’t understand or topics you are not an authority in. If you do venture that far, make sure to sound authoritative. If your grammar is bad, for example, you are already turning off your customers. Fix your content; there’s no way around it.

A good website should help your customers and, in turn, help your company. If your website isn’t working, obviously there are some issues that need your attention. Stop wasting time; fix what’s broken.