The Right Way to Choose a Lawyer for Your Divorce

Denver Divorce AttorneyWhen you visit a doctor to get a checkup, you have to be able to trust the doctor. That's why many people would go to only one or two doctors their whole life. The same kind of trust must exist between you and your lawyer.

When your marriage is on the rocks, this is a time in your life when you're probably angry, afraid, and uncertain about the future, all at the same time. This is also perhaps the only moment in your life when you find yourself dealing with a court of law. Given the confusing state of events, you need a Denver divorce attorney you're comfortable with.

With all the emotions in and around you right now, you might be tempted to pick any lawyer. But you must remember that your divorce may become harder and more drawn out if you pick a lawyer you do not trust.

Here's how you can choose a lawyer to help you during these trying times.

Call Your Family & Friends

People you trust are not likely to recommend a lawyer they themselves cannot trust. So before doing anything else, call someone from your circle to ask about a lawyer they've used before. Someone in your family may have gone through divorce, too. Ask them about their attorney.

Have a List

Meet with at least three lawyers before choosing one. What do you want from a lawyer? Write down those things and ask everyone on your list of lawyers about them. The one who can answer satisfactorily is your best candidate. Your questions can include the fees, how they bill their client, and what they have done before for clients in the same situation. Trust your gut feeling, as well, especially if more than one lawyer seems like a good candidate.

When you've finally chosen an attorney to help you with your divorce, make sure to stay in contact with them. Opening the lines of communication will help you and your lawyer set up a good case.