3 Effective Ways to Maintain a Healthy Lawn

Lawn Mowing Experts in MinneapolisAn average homeowner spends significant time in yard work every year. Although many do not realize it, the lawn pays back by serving as a massive air conditioner to cool your property. A healthy lawn generates a significant amount of oxygen and traps dirt. Here are some ways to keep your lawn looking healthy:

Adjust your cutting height to the time of the year

When it comes to cool climate grasses, you ought to use a one and a half cutting height for the initial mowing. Lawn mowing experts in Minneapolis and other parts of MN recommend doing so, as it eliminates dead grass and allows the sun's rays to reach the crowns of the grass. Use garden equipment with sharp blades to ensure proper cutting.

Mow only the top one-third

Gardeners and landscape artists recommend cutting only one-third of the top-most part of the grass. Mowing to this height ensures that the upper leafy grass decomposes rapidly, thus adding nitrogen nutrient to the soil.

Apply fertilizers at the right time

Before applying fertilizer or weed killer, certain factors like geographic location, grass type, and soil conditions come into play. Prevent the growth of weeds by maintaining the lawn in such a manner that it does not provide adequate sunlight or open space for weeds to germinate. Keep in mind that different weeds need to be dealt with using different chemicals. The ideal time to use fertilizers on your lawn is during spring, so you can jump-start the development of the roots.

Lawn care involves adjusting the cutting to the time of the year. Furthermore, it is advisable not to cut off more than one-third of the grass. Doing so leaves thick grasses, which decompose slowly and contribute to thatch. Aerating the lawn is also imperative as it provides space for the growth of grass roots.