Tips for Selecting a Wedding Venue

 Wedding VenueIf you have recently gotten engaged, the next big step entails finding an appropriate wedding venue. Choosing a venue helps to determine how the rest of the planning process goes.

But, before you start making any deposits, Victoria Park, one of the busiest lifestyle and function venues in Brisbane, offers these tips that you should keep in mind.

Decide on your wedding theme

It is advisable that you and your partner discuss the wedding theme. Do you prefer something modern or traditional? Selecting a theme prevents you from being drawn to a place just because it looks elegant. Set out to find a venue that complements your theme. This way, you will not spend a fortune transforming it into the look that you prefer.

Consider catering needs

The majority of today’s couples tend to be food-savvy; hence, they want to serve their guests a particular cuisine. However, not every wedding venue will permit you to bring in your catering team. In fact, some require the couple to choose from the in-house catering menus only. Before selecting the wedding venue, inquire about the catering requirements.

Check on requirements for religious ceremonies

If you are planning a religious celebration, you should find out whether it’s necessary to have it in a house of worship. If it is, it would be prudent to book the ceremony before booking your reception venue.

Finalise the Guest List

Before you start visiting any wedding venues, you should have an estimate of the guest numbers. It will help you to avoid choosing a venue that is either too small or too big. Moreover, the wedding venue should be close to where the majority of the guests live. This way, you will avoid paying pricey taxi charges or hotel bills for the travelling guests.

Selecting a wedding venue can be an overwhelming task. Luckily, the options of places are remarkably diverse. Some couples choose to host the celebration at small restaurants, country clubs, and parks.

When looking for a venue, have a budget, decide on your wedding style and consider your catering needs.