Losing Your Luscious Locks to Protein Deficiency

Hair LossThe hair is a person’s crowning glory. Living in a society influenced by media, appearances make a huge impact on how people perceive others. It defines our personal, professional and social lives. So, whether you have long or short hair, this will have a huge impact on your overall appearance.

Did you know that it’s not just hair products that help your hair grow silky smooth? Shampoos and conditioners are just part of the hair care routine. What you eat, especially the protein you take in, contributes to this, too. HairyBastard.com shares more information about this below:

Protein: An Overview

Your hair also needs protein to grow healthy and smooth. Keratinocytes are responsible for the production of proteins called keratin needed for hair growth. Hair is essentially 90 percent keratin and 10 percent natural moisture.

This protein provides your hair with strength, elasticity, and resistance. If your hair has sufficient amounts of keratin, it will be able to withstand environmental stressors such as pollution, sun exposure, and a vast selection of hair products and treatments.

Protein Deficiency Can Trigger Hair Loss

If the food you eat doesn’t contain enough protein or if you’re trying to abruptly lose weight by crash dieting, then you’re putting yourself at risk of hair loss. Your body will try to preserve the protein it has left by cutting off the supply for your hair follicles, putting growth at a resting phase. Give it 2 to 3 months and there will be an increase in hair shedding.

Regaining Lost Protein

Improve your diet by consuming adequate amounts of lean meat such as pork, beef, chicken. Also, include eggs, cheese, milk, nuts, and tofu and you should get back on track.

Remember that protein is just one of the things you need to keep your hair healthy. You still need the right amount of vitamins, nutrients, and iron to keep your hair in its strong, smooth, and shiny state. So, if you want to keep your locks healthy, then be mindful of your diet.