Reclaim Your Roof from Little Creatures

Roof Restoration in PerthYour roof protects you from the elements. It works tirelessly every day to keep you and your family safe. Sometimes, it can be easy to forget that your roof suffers from damages as well. It may be protecting you from all the external elements but this does not make it invincible. This part of your house is more susceptible to damages that may bring danger to your family over time.

Many things can weaken your roofing. You might be surprised that it is not always weather changes that can bring some problems. According to Bower Roofing & Restorations, when you go through roof restoration in Perth, WA, you may find out other creatures already living on your roof.


Fowls may treat your roof as their new nest as long as there are crevices they can fit into. Your roof may become a great place to build nests because they are high up and concealed. They will collect twigs and bundle them up together to form nests that can block passages. Birds may also have a habit of pecking, creating holes that may lead to leaks. Bird droppings are also harmful because they may be acidic in content. An accumulation of droppings may weaken the part and cause it to crumble easily.


Just like birds, squirrels choose the roof because they can protect them as well. The height of your house gives them an advantage over their natural predators. While squirrels do not build nests, they may find a way into your roofing and live within the attic or ceiling. Using their sharp claws, they can easily put a large hole on your roof. They commonly try to find shelter during the colder months.

It is not easy to drive out pests such as birds and squirrels from your home. Having professional help may allow you to get rid of them safely while also learning ways to prevent them from coming back.