Prefabricated Home Impressions That Couldn’t Be More Wrong

Home Impressions in AustraliaPrefab is housing alternative that could easily be the standard in the coming years. There’s no shortage of materials about the unique benefits of these unconventional residential properties: they’re fast to build, expectedly of better quality because they’re made indoors and less likely to produce material waste. In addition, financing has become more accessible as more lenders are turning less conservative with this building method.

However, since the concept is fairly new to the public, there’s no surprise prefab still gets a bad rap across Western Australia. But misconceptions only die hard, and they don’t live forever. Getting these misguided assumptions out of the way now could help you fully appreciate what it brings to the table:

They’re Mobile

Industry professional Grandesigns WA states that prefabricated homes in Perth, for instance, are built on permanent foundations, just like the traditional way. Many Sandgropers mistake prefab for manufactured houses and are often called mobile homes. Mobile properties are the ones you can bring with you from one location to another, which you can do under specific relocation laws and regulations.

They’re Not Weatherproof

Just because they look like Lego pieces assembled together doesn’t mean a strong blow of the wind could tear everything apart. Actually, the only difference between modular homes and traditional houses is the construction method — but the materials are the same.

Surprisingly, prefab homes are seriously durable because extreme quality control is possible in a factory-like setting. Unlike on-site construction, each module can preserve their structural integrity due to zero exposure to damaging elements.

They’re All Identical

Prefab builders use computers to design every imaginable floor plan to suit all tastes and budgets. Contrary to finished townhouses, condo units or apartments, you’re in complete control of the style of your house from start to finish. You’re free to add any home feature you need to achieve the kind of function you desire in your abode.

There’s so much to learn about prefab. If you only know any better, there’s no reason not to choose modular housing for your family.