Osteoporotic Women Reported to Have Better Lives Due to Dental Implants

Dental ImplantsTooth loss is a reality for many people across the globe, but when you have an inherent bone condition, it is inevitable. Such is the reality for people with osteoporosis; even the smallest of pressures can cause fractures. All men and women can develop osteoporosis, but it is more common in older women, as they are more vulnerable due to the hormonal changes they experience during menopause.

Osteoporosis is not exclusive to bones that experience the most stress. Your teeth can be a victim, too and you will only be among the many who are losing their teeth. David Madruga sees dentures or implants as the appropriate solution, with the latter providing the more permanent, less intruding solution. Furthermore, there is a study that implants can lead to better life satisfaction.

New Teeth, New Life

The research, headed by the Case Western Reserve University, surveyed 237 women regarding their new teeth. They are actually a carefully selected test group of those who had implants, fixed partial dentures, false teeth and those who did not have any restoration work. They had the findings published in the Journal of International Dentistry.

Unsurprisingly, the women who had implants were, on record, the most satisfied with their lives. More specifically, they reported the highest satisfaction in their emotional wellbeing and sex life. While the study is not the definitive case for dental implants, the major improvement it brought makes implants worth the pain and the cost.

Not a Cure, But the Last Resort

Having the option of dental implants may lead others to believe that they can get away with poor dental habits. Implants should be the last choice because people should care for their teeth. In the event of tooth loss, people have to take better care of their teeth than they ever did before. So, as a safeguard, it would be better to establish a good dental routine than pay the ultimate price for not doing it.

With a bone condition or not, dental implants are for everyone. Aesthetics aside, being able to chew, speak and smile without difficulty is something often taken for granted. For those who are thinking of getting their new teeth, know that it is a good thing to have.