Four Ways Exercising Makes Your Life Much Better

Pilates ExercisePeople often fail to see the benefits of having a fitness routine beyond the physical benefits. Exercising affords you greater benefits than just letting you shed off the extra pounds to fit into your favourite skinny jeans or getting that summer bikini body. Keeping fit comes with a litany of benefits that span more than just a toned body that drives your friends crazy with envy.

Life Ready Physio cites some benefits of an active lifestyle below.

Making you feel good

Indulging in your favourite fitness activities at the end of a long day releases endorphins, a feel-good chemical, into your brains, which relieves stress, boosts your mood and enhances your self-confidence. It also helps you sleep better by increasing the level of sleep-related chemicals such as dopamine and serotonin in your body.

It’s good for your bones

By engaging in various weight exercises such as yoga, walking, jogging and Pilates, fitness enthusiasts strengthen their bones. During such exercises, your bones build more cells to increase the density and strength to handle the weight and pull of the exercise. Additional bone cells decrease the likelihood of suffering from osteoporosis or fractures.

Fend off diseases

Physical activities that increase your heart rate increase the speed at which antibodies circulate within your body system, bolstering your ability to fend off diseases. People with regular fitness routine rarely succumb to common illnesses, reducing their medical bills and downtime while improving their well-being.

Improves your digestion

As you exercise, the contractions in your intestinal walls increase, causing the contents to move along quickly. Speeding up the digestion process protects your body from the diseases that result when food takes too long in the digestive tracts such as colon cancers. For the best results, do not exercise within two hours of a heavy meal as it draws blood away from the digestive system, slowing down the process.

Exercising is sure way of improving your health and wellbeing as well as protecting yourself from age-related diseases.