Are You Looking for a Property Valuer for the First Time? Here are 3 Things to Know

Property ValuationProperty valuation is important during buying and selling of real estate properties. As a buyer, property valuers will help you know exactly how much a property is worth. A seller also needs this service to ensure he sells his property at the right price. The process of picking a valuer is usually a challenge for first-time clients. The quality of consultancy and property valuations services you will get vary depending on who you hire for your valuations.

Hely & Associates shares three tips below to help you hire a notable property valuer. 

Accurate Valuations

The accuracy of the property valuations services is critical. A professional should be able to give you a valuation that is within 5 percent of the actual value of your property. The easiest way to establish the accuracy of your prospect consultant is by checking his previous works against the final selling prices of the properties. If the values are within 5 percent, you should add him on to your shortlist.


Property valuations in Brisbane is governed by strict regulations. Licenses and certificates are issued to valuers who adhere to these codes. Do your background checks to ensure firms in your shortlist have the necessary documents. If you are unable to establish whether a valuer is licensed or not, remove him from your list.

Tailored Services

Each client has unique property valuations.  A valuer must be able to adapt his services to meet your needs.  With tailored services, you will be able to get services that are of higher quality and value. During consultancy, the professional should be willing to listen to you rather than force his views on you.

A property valuer must offer services that are both accurate and tailored to a client’s needs. A person seeking for property valuations services should also ensure that he only works with licensed and certified professionals.