Air Conditioner Maintenance: 4 Things to Check

Air Conditioner MaintenanceThe best way to get ready for the summer is by ensuring that the air conditioners in your home are in good working condition. Most HVAC units stay idle during the longs months of winter. But now that summer is gradually drawing near, it's up to you to ensure your air conditioner is in good working condition for the hot months ahead.

There are many companies in Salt Lake City that offer HVAC repair service. Before you call in the technicians, though, it might help to check the unit first. Here are some things to keep a tab on. 

Air filters: The air filters in the air conditioners tend to gather dust. Moreover, with a prolonged period of lying idle, the air filters are bound to be full of dirt. You should ensure that the air filters are dust free before you switch on the air conditioner.

The fluids: All air conditioners have coolants inside them. Often during winter the coolant pipe breaks and the fluid starts to leak. Always check whether the coolant pipe is intact and ensure that the fluid is not leaking.

The circuitry: All air conditioners are high power machines. In other words, they draw a lot of power in order to run. Hence, the possibility always remains of the circuitry wearing out. Once winter is over, check the circuitry of the machine to ensure that it is in working condition.

The thermostat: In order to ensure proper cooling the thermostats of the machine must be working properly. Check the thermostats of all the air conditioners in your home, before you switch them on.

So prepare for summer the moment winter comes to an end, by ensuring that all the air conditioners in your home are all in good working condition. It doesn't take a lot to maintain the units, and your efforts will be well worth it.