4 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Company Employees

Company Employees in LittletonA business’ performance depends on the employees. You may have quality and quantity but with poor employees, you are not in business. Making profits is all about satisfying customers, enough to make them come back and/or refer others to your business.

It is unfortunate that most customers – or people- judge the quality of your services the minute they interact with an employee. If whoever serves or attends to them is unpleasant, the customer will immediately have a negative attitude towards your business. Now you wouldn’t want that, would you?

Miller & Steiert, P.C. gives 4 things you can consider hiring new employees.

Education and Skills

You do not want to hire a clueless candidate. Remember that it’s all about productivity, and for one to be productive, they must know what they are doing. To some extent, education brings discipline and dignity and this is very important for any kind of business. You need to be able to trust your employees.

Ensure your candidate has knowledge/education on your business industry. When it comes to skill, it boils down to this: they have to be good at what they do. So many have knowledge but they may not be good enough to attract and retain customers.


Many people think that skill is acquired with experience – well, maybe – but not necessarily. The best reason to hire an experienced candidate is because of the business environment. If the candidate has worked in other businesses, he already knows how to deal with customers, how to approach the higher ranks, how to interact with fellow colleagues, and the general knowledge on how a business runs.

It is expected that an experienced candidate will adjust to the new environment gradually. However, one with no experience may take most of their time trying to adjust and making avoidable errors. For such a candidate, it may take a while to be productive even if he is skilled.


Never assume you know a candidate just because they appear to be polite. Don’t judge a book by its cover, as the adage goes. When they come for an interview, they know that they must impress and, therefore, do whatever it takes to get the job.

Probation is already good but that may not be enough. Know where they worked before and find out their reputation. If possible, contact all their referees and if you have time, reach out to the companies they have worked for and ask for recommendation.

The Law 

During employee-employer agreements and signing of contracts, make sure you know the laws that bind. Avoid doing the wrong thing so as to stay out of court premises. When a candidate makes an offer, ensure it’s valid and within laws.

Make sure your candidate is authorized to work in the country whether a resident or non-resident. Know health and safety standards, health benefits, and compensations and wages, among other things, according to the department of labor. Get a business attorney to further explain these laws so as to stay on the safe side

Before you start hiring, know what you need and know who you need. Never be in a rush to hire new employees. Take your time and ensure each one of them is worth it. Assumptions can cost you your business.