3 Design Recommendations for Narrow Floor Plans

Floor PlansHouses on narrow blocks are not a passing trend. These types of houses are a thing of the future, making adapting to it the only way to move forward. In Brisbane and around Australia, blocks for sale are getting narrower. In newer estates, free-standing homes built on a 12-metre lot can be easily spotted.

With this trend not abating soon, designers face the challenge head-on to make narrow structures look or feel spacious. If you are planning to buy a house soon or in the near future, you might want to know about these trends.

When it comes to narrow lot house designs, Brisbane’s UrbanHomes.com.au provides the following recommendations:

Increase ceiling heights

High ceilings and skylights can bring in plenty of natural light and cross-ventilation. These two effects can make a small space look bigger than it is.

Maximise outdoor space

Side courtyards can be a great way to bring light to living areas. Adjoining rooms can also benefit from the light it creates, considering the non-gun barrel design of these houses.

Borrowing a view can also be an effective way to provide an illusion of space. Use a neighbour’s open outdoor garden by framing it. A borrowed view can serve as a beautiful backdrop for alfresco dining. Homes built in naturally scenic areas can use this design technique.

Prioritise solar access

Floor plans for narrow blocks often come with consecutive interlinked spaces as a way to maximise space. These designs demand a floor plan where rear areas get plenty of light. As such, living areas, kitchen and dining rooms located at the back of the house.

Designs for houses on narrow blocks come with unique styles and challenges. By considering these factors, you can maximise space without compromising aesthetic value.