Three Types of Horrible Moviegoers

Couple Playing in a Theater HouseSome movies are good, while others are bad. But, overall, seeing a movie in a theater is an enjoyable experience, except when there are annoying moviegoers around you. These people have awful behaviors that can interrupt and ruin your whole movie experience, no matter how great the movie you’re watching is. Here are examples of these horrible moviegoers who will guarantee you a terrible experience in the movies:

  1. Parents Who Bring Their Toddlers to Adult-Oriented Films

These parents might have a significant reason for bringing their youngsters to a movie that won’t appeal to them. But no matter how valid their reason is, they should be responsible for their kids’ behavior. You can’t blame kids who start a tantrum because they are bored with a movie primarily for adult audiences. Thus, if the kids start to bawl inside the theater, parents have to be sensitive enough to bring them outside to avoid disturbing other moviegoers.

  1. People Who Text Excessively During the Movie

Movies are powerful; they can transport you to another place and time. But you can’t totally escape the real world if there is a constant glowing cell phone screen in the middle of a dark theater. These text addicts cannot put their phones away even if there’s already a warning screen prior to the movies. This behavior is nothing but disrespect to other moviegoers. 

  1. People Who Rest Their Feet on the Seat in Front of Them

It is common knowledge that resting your feet comfortably on the seat in front is not appropriate. also notes that most of the cinema seats are spacious and comfortable enough for one person. So, it is surprising that there are people who still do this, ignoring the welfare of the person who sits in front of them. 

These and other irritating types of moviegoers need to learn a lesson. Theaters should ban them, and moviegoers should not tolerate them. Going to the movies is supposedly a universal source of fun, and it can stay this way without the annoying presence of these people.