Real or Fake Hair – It’s For You to Find Out!

WigsAre you hesitant of trying a pixie cut because you don’t think it will suit you? Or perhaps you just prefer a longer hairstyle that matches your mood?

Short hair has become the most recent hairstyle trend among local and international celebrities. But, some people become unsatisfied with their look after a haircut. As a result, the use of hair extension has become increasingly popular to instantly increase hair length and thickness. Now, you no longer have to worry because you can easily pick different hair lengths depending on the occasion you wish to attend. Circles of Subiaco shares more information below:

Types of Hair Extensions

Different types of hair extensions are currently offered in many salons. Finding the right extension ultimately depends on your hair condition and personal preference.

The most common type is the sew-in method, which is done by weaving the patient’s own hair to form a braided appearance. Clip-ins are durable hair strands that are adherent to a single accessory. These can be styled and preserved through regular washing. Top pieces, which are preferred by people with thin hair, are placed on top of the head to increase thickness and volume in this area of the scalp. Finally, tape-ins are applied using glue to adhesively bind opposite areas of the hair.

Convenient, Affordable, Low Maintenance Products

Some people have the misconception that hair extensions are pricey, damaging and high maintenance. But, many manufacturers now add long-term protective substances to preserve the condition of the hair. Artificial extensions may also serve as affordable alternatives to scalp products that may lengthen hair.

Nowadays, skilled hairdressers may provide ready-to-wear extensions. As a result, regions of hair loss are easily resolved within one salon session.

Your hairstyle substantially affects your physical appearance. If you are currently unsatisfied with your short and thin hair, you no longer have to wait for several months before it reaches optimal length. Artificial extensions can help you instantly achieve your desired look.