The Multiple Ways Your Partner Can Cheat on You without Having an Affair

Having an Affair in OgdenWhen you hear someone say “He cheated on me!” it is automatic for your brain to think of extra-marital affairs.

When a friend announces the end of her marriage, most people wonder if the husband had an affair. But most never consider the fact that disloyalty occurs in multiple ways, not just sex. Believe it or not, he can actually cheat on you without having sex with anyone else.

According to, a bankruptcy and family lawyer in Ogden, disloyalty is not always about sleeping with someone else. By spotting the early signs of cheating, you can save yourself from years of misery right now. Here are ways he can cheat on you without having an affair:

He Gambles Money Mindlessly

Playing in the casinos or engaging in some paid recreational activities should be a hobby, not a habit that gets worse in time. If your husband finds himself spending more than he should just to win, his addiction is a sure sign of disloyalty to you. A simple card game will not just cost you some dollars — it can cost you an entire fortune.

Who knows how much time he spends gambling? While he is out there enjoying himself, he does not realize that he is gambling away the future of your family.

He Talks Behind your Back

There is nothing more painful than realizing that your husband has been badmouthing you to others. But how can you detect if he has been talking behind your back?

First, you notice subtle changes with the people you know. Sometimes, it is with your friends, his co-workers, or members of your family. They might display a gradual change of attitude towards you. Some of them might also treat you with less respect.

You wonder why they react to you this way, despite the solid relationship. Do not worry, it is not you. Someone else might be complaining to them.

He Prioritizes Others Over You

Some husbands would rather spend time with their friends or their job. Instead of coming home early to have dinner, he prefers to work overtime or hang out with his colleagues. If he continues to prioritize others over you, it is easy to feel cheated.  When he fails to show up when you need him the most, you are not his first priority.

Do not settle for a marriage like this. Rather than subject yourself to misery, it is best to do what is right for you. Stay not with a husband who persistently cheats on you.