Why It’s Worth Having Your Painter’s Studio At Home

Painter's Studio in Armstrong CreekThere’s always a good reason to buy a home with an extra room or two. However, if you’re a painter by hobby or profession, you’ll appreciate tuning a spare bedroom or even that breakfast or sun room into a personal artist’s studio. Here are three reasons why you should.

Inspiration Comes Without Warning

Sometimes, inspiration comes at breakfast, just after the first cup of coffee. Sometimes, it’s when you’ve already said your good nights. Regardless of the time you feel that you HAVE to paint, setting up your own studio means you won’t have to wait for availabilities at the local artist hub. A creative muse can come and go when it please so it’s best to cater to it.

Your Tools, Your Space, Your Time

Painting is an expensive medium that works on practising with the tools you use for the final piece. Building a personal home studio means you are in control with no obligation to borrow or lend to others. If you need to rest, work on multiple piece then leave everything as it is, get some lunch or a nap, then come back at your own leisure.

When you buy any one of the houses for sale in Armstrong Creek, stake out the room which would best fit your artist studio while keeping your bedroom (or even the kitchen) nearby.

No Gawkers

Not everyone likes a captive audience. Some of the most prolific painters of previous centuries were said to have been reclusive and private individuals. It probably wasn’t because they didn’t like people. It was just that they couldn’t be bothered to answer questions, talk about life, or take “helpful suggestions” on how to paint from the occasional passerby.

Buying a home with your artist studio in mind is a practical option if you consider all of these options. This is especially true if your career involves creating paintings and masterpieces. It doesn’t have to be exceptionally pretty or fully stocked. What matters is that your home studio is a place where you find creative freedom and enough space to put your ideas into reality.