What to Look for When Buying Used Office Chairs

Office ChairsBusinesses (and people planning to setup their home offices) on a tight budget often consider buying used office equipment to cut on costs. Before buying, however, it is best to keep in mind where they belonged to and their usage. An ideal used office chair are those that provide ultimate comfort to whoever is going to sit on them. Uncomfortable office chairs can cause neck strain, back pain and shoulder fatigue to you or your employees. 

Here are some factors to check according to qualityusedoffice.com and other used furniture suppliers in Utah:

Seat Adjustment

Check the seat adjustment before buying used office chairs because not all people have the same size and height. The standard seat height from the floor is 16 to 21 inches. Chairs that are too high off the floor can result in ankle or leg swelling to people with circulation problems. Many office chairs have pneumatic adjustment levers that allow anybody to lower or raise their chair to the most comfortable height.

Chair Armrest

Research shows that office chairs with arm rests help reduce strain on the shoulder and neck region. Armrests go a long way in preventing slouching, which strains the back muscles after some time. For right positioning, armrests must support the elbows to take the weight off the shoulders.

Seat Depth

The seat depth is the measurement from the front area of chair to the back cushion. This likewise depends on the person seating on them. If it's too large, then a small person may feel comfortable seating on the chair for a long time. The opposite goes for a tall person.

When you are prepared to buy used chairs for your office, you can consult used office chairs Utah County experts for information on the best chairs for your desk. Whether you are relocating, downsizing, expanding or just buying updated furnishings, these experts can help you choose the best furniture for your business.