Smile Solutions: A Quick Guide On Orthodontics

OrthodonticsCrooked and overcrowded teeth may pose a risk to both your dental and overall health. Apart from making your smile look less than appealing, crooked teeth may also cause gum problems. A visit to the orthodontist can turn your smile around. 

Orthodontic treatment provides a good solution for such problems, as it changes the general position of crooked teeth. In turn, this improves the overall appearance of your smile and the function of your jaw muscles.

What are the treatments under orthodontics?

The orthodontist of in Milton Keynes explains, ‘A perfect smile represents confidence and success in both your private and professional life’. Through orthodontics, you may bring back that beauty of your smile.

Most of the treatments under this field of dentistry involve braces and retainers to move the crooked teeth to the desired position. These orthodontic devices help in exerting pressure on the teeth. Patients may need to wear these devices for a specific period, or until they achieved the proper positioning of the teeth.

Causes of Orthodontic Complications

Most cases of orthodontics are caused by accidents, genetics or behaviors, such as thumb sucking. Misalignment is often the common problem amongst children, whilst crooked and crowded teeth are often the cases amongst adults.

The Right Time to Undergo Treatment

According to orthodontists, the most appropriate age for undergoing orthodontic treatment is between the ages of 8 and 11 years. At this age, the head and mouth are still developing, which make it easy to straighten the teeth. As it is easier to correct crooked teeth before adult teeth develop, patients may only need to wear braces on their adult teeth for a shorter period.

A visit to your orthodontist for a regular examination is important in achieving oral health. This will also help you regain your self-confidence and show that pretty smile more often.