Off-Season: Live More and Be More

Life After SchoolSchool is an integral part of the society, even in Minnesota (MN). It’s where people are sent to gain life and work skills for their future employment. They also learn about history, to become patriotic citizens.

Mainstream society has indeed conformed with the cookie-cutter path of having to go to a good school to land a good job upon graduation. But have you asked yourself, isn’t there so much more to life than that? More than just getting good grades, landing a good job, impressing the boss, taking home a fat paycheck, and paying the bills?

Life is about living it. And with youth comes worlds of opportunities and things to try. So if you’re up for holding off future employment, here are three things you may want to do to enrich yourself.

Learn a New Skill

Don’t think you’re ready for that job yet? Worry not. With time on your hands, you can find ways of fattening up your resume. Case in point, you can try learning a new skill. It can be related to your field of employment or not.

Think of something that will be great to learn and master. For example, try attending foreign language classes. Just learning a new language can give you the power to talk to thousands of other people. It can also be handy when you’re eying employment overseas. Not bad, right? There are also sports, or the arts—whichever you fancy.

Try a Business Venture

Be your own boss, if you don’t fancy working the corporate ladder. Starting a venture will teach you a lot of entrepreneurial skills, ranging from managing finances to getting in good with people. It opens new opportunities for you to learn and make money. Think of your possible trade, products or services you can sell, and partnerships you can strike up with friends.

You’ll need money to start, though. Don’t have the right figure in your savings account yet? It’s nothing a small business loan from the local bank cannot solve. Who knows, your venture may be your life’s greatest work in the decades to come.

Go on Vacation

You’re young, with a lot of roads open to you. But if you don’t feel like taking the next step so soon, sit back and enjoy yourself for the time being. Go on a vacation.

With the holidays coming in, there are plenty of vacation plans and destinations you can visit. Choose to go solo if travelling with friends is not up your alley. Perhaps some soul-searching is just what you need to get that attitude to tackle your future.

Life is water, not stone. Take a good refreshing drink and enrich yourself.