Why You Should See a Chiropractor

Chiropractor ServiceChiropractic treatments have had a long history of relieving headaches, back pain, neck pain, and other common concerns. This practice is more effective compared to traditional medicine. But, did you know that chiropractic adjustment also has other benefits?

Here are some reasons you should visit a chiropractor today:

Boost immune function

Previous studies show that chiropractic adjustments may boost levels of blood serum and natural antibodies in patients. Researchers note that people who visited their chiropractor regularly were less susceptible to diseases and illnesses, such as pneumonia and influenza. Furthermore, patients under chiropractic care had a higher level of CD4 cell count. Children under chiropractic care, for instance, are less susceptible to illnesses such as allergies, colds and even ear infections. Industry professional Healthsource Chiropractic explains that chiropractors align a child’s nervous system ensuring that they are healthy and happy.

Reduce blood pressure

Estimates indicate that 30 percent of adults suffer from hypertension in the US. A study conducted in 2007 looked at patients with a history of blood pressure under chiropractic care. There was a decrease in blood pressure in these patients who had chiropractic adjustments. 85% of the patients saw an improvement just after one adjustment.

Prevent inflammation

Chiropractic adjustments have been shown to reduce inflammation in back pain patients. Patients under chiropractic care tend to have a low level of inflammatory cytokine commonly known as TNF. High levels of TNF are linked to psoriasis, inflammatory bowel disease and rheumatoid arthritis.

Reduce stress

Chiropractic care focuses on removing nerve interference referred to as subluxation. This improves the functioning of the entire body and mind. Chiropractors do not focus on symptoms; they focus on removing the interference caused by impulses from the brain to the body. Patients under chiropractic care have reduced cortisol level and improved quality of life.

There is so much chiropractic care has to offer than back and neck pain relief. Chiropractic is the best alternative to traditional and conventional medicine. Go visit a chiropractor today to live a better lifestyle.