Make Work Space Work with these 4 Design Ideas

WorkplaceYou have probably watched documentaries about Google, Facebook, or even Buzzfeed offices and imagined how fun it would be to work at those employee-friendly companies. Well, you can have the similar airy, fresh, inspiring space at your office, too. Whether you’re a high-level partner or one of the personnel, you can suggest these innovative workspace design ideas to the executives.

Green is In

Have you noticed that people who have pet plants at their desks are more positive about work? Imagine just how fresh everyone’s minds would be if you have vertical gardens or diverse perennial plants in the office. These plants will also help keep people healthier, absorbing the dead building, air and providing the oxygen for more productive brains.

Get Everyone Moving

Standing desks, social fitness areas, and even indoor walking paths make a workplace better. Exercise supplies the much-needed oxygen in the brain, too. Encourage people to drink water instead of soda or coffee, too, so everyone would actually feel refreshed instead of thirsty.

Lights and Sounds

Those glaring fluorescent lights can seem dull to you and your coworkers’ eyes after a long day. Consider softer lights. Think of color scheme and acoustics, too. Have thicker upholstery, earth tones, and accent vibrant yellows in the main production rooms and paint lilacs and blues in the nap room if you have one.


Posture affects a person’s mood even when sitting down. Imagine if you had a desk and a quality office chair. Your joints, lower back, and wrists will thank you for taking care of them. Your colleagues will also work better if they didn’t have to worry about taking pain medication because of a bad office chair.

A workplace that is conducive for relaxation, good health, and creativity will eventually have productive, happier employees, according to the experts from Think how your surroundings affect your thoughts and behavior and suggest these design changes for a better workplace.