Getting New Rain Gutters? Consider Going Seamless

Rain Gutters in Salt Lake CityGutters play critical roles in keeping your home comfortable and water-damage free. They provide protection against the harsh effects of inclement weather and other environmental conditions.

So whether you are building a new home, or when the time has come to replace your existing gutters, it is important to take your time in choosing the right gutter system. With high-performance and well-constructed gutters, you can minimize your chances of dealing with expensive water damage, including rotting or rusted structural components.

Seamed Gutters: Inexpensive but Prone to Leaks

There are several types of rain gutters available in Salt Lake City. Many roofing companies still offer the traditional system, which are the segmented gutters. As the term already suggests, these come in sections, making DIY installation quite easy for homeowners. They are also among the inexpensive.

Before going for the seamed system though, you should know that these are more susceptible to problems, particularly leaks.

Seamless Gutters: Better, Less Susceptible to Problems

Because seamed gutters can be quite a hassle, you should look into the seamless system. These are made from a single sheet of material, with the available options including aluminum, steel and copper. Manufacturers use a special type of machine to create these gutters.

The primary benefit to these is that they are less susceptible to leaks. Maintaining them is also a lot easier than the seamed version. Also, installation takes a lot less time since these only come in a single sheet.

Making a choice

Seamed rain gutters cost less, but when you take into consideration their pitfalls, you would do a lot better with the seamless system. They are longer lasting, and as an added bonus, are more aesthetically-pleasing. Just make sure you work with a reliable gutter company, especially one that offers guarantees and warranties for their products and services.