When to Remove a Tree Damaged by a Storm

Tree Removal in Australia Trees are strong and resilient. They should be able to withstand any adversities, under normal conditions. However, severe storms may damage that tree in your Perth property. Should this unfortunate event occur, you want your tree to survive and regain its once-healthy condition.

It will be regrettable if the damage is significant enough that it will leave you no choice but to remove the tree from your yard. Before deciding on this, have your tree checked and assessed by experts.

Indications of a Severely Damaged Tree

To give you an idea, here are some indications that your tree may not survive and you may have to  remove it from your property for safety considerations:

  • The tree lost the majority of its branches. It may not survive if most of the branches are gone. It will be hard for a tree to recover if damage is mostly on the larger limbs. When less than half of the branches are left, the tree may not be able to produce enough food to survive.
  • Severe Wounds. As a rule of thumb, the bigger the wound relative to the size of the limb, the lesser is the chance for successful healing. This will only make the tree susceptible to diseases and infestation of pests. Beaver Tree Services recommends removal when termites and other pests weaken the tree, or if it has reached the end of its life.
  • Other Indications. Your tree may have less chances of surviving if the storm split the trunk, if more than half of the crown is lost or when diseases have weakened it.

In certain cases, you have no alternative but to have the tree removed. Under these conditions, it may not live long enough. Look ahead and start planning on planting a new tree.