Roofing Basics: Factoring in Weather when Choosing Materials

When it comes to purchasing a new roof, prepare yourself to face an extensive array of material options. With roofing systems built to last for several decades, it’s highly likely you have not kept yourself updated of the new technologies introduced in the industry. Of course, the traditional choices, including wood shakes, copper, and slate, still exist, but there are new ones, too.

The Most Important Considerations

It’s quite common for many homeowners to replace their old, worn-out roofs with a new one made from the same material. They believe that, since it served them for many years, they can expect the same from the replacement.

Although this kind of thinking makes sense, it also means lost opportunities for investing in something that offers more value. The roofing industry has welcomed several new additions, all of which offer more benefits and advantages over their conventional counterparts. Take metal roofing, for instance. Wesley Green Roofing says the average roof can last up to 20 years, but metal roofing may last up to 50 years.

New Roofing Materials: Better-Looking, Stronger, and Weatherproof

Many of the more innovative roofing materials’ designs allow not only for improved aesthetics and functions, but also for providing a more durable, weatherproof choice. You need to take into consideration the changing weather conditions in Salt Lake City, as this will help you make the right choice.

The relatively new, but now popular options for roofing systems among Salt Lake City residents are asphalt-fiberglass, concrete, fiber cement-based, metal, and plastic composites. These offer increased durability, simpler installation, affordability, sustainability, and more importantly, enhanced weatherproofing properties.

The Bottom Line

Since roofs don’t come cheap, you need to get your choice right the first time. This means providing a barrier and protection against the city’s cold winters, hot summers, and wet transition periods.

To ensure you make the best, most investment-worthy selection, consider all your choices. That old material may have served you well, but something new may be better.