Don’t Let Youth be Wasted

Youth Matters All the violence, the shootings and the anger in the news show just how much a part of society youth are. However, a closer look reveal many of these heart-wrenching incidents could have been averted had we spent more attention and time on these troubled youths. And as young men are the usual perpetrators, we should continually strengthen institutions that strengthen them – when they are weakest.

Cutting an Arm

You simply can’t ignore the youth of today. Their numbers alone, comprising 23.1% of the population, are too big a number to ever ignore. Any businessman would agree. But with all this strength in numbers come a host of problems that affect the nation to the core.

Chilling statistics from the Guardian reveal there are 994 mass shootings in a period of 1,004 days in America. What is even appalling is that many of these shootings were done by young people – persons who have not even had a decent job.

The recent case of 21-year-old drop-out Dylann Storm Roof who shot praying faithfuls in an Episcopal Church in South Carolina is revealing. Like this one, many of these mass murders were committed by young men – who toyed with the idea of murder in their teens.

Redirecting Energy

It’s incumbent, therefore, that society put its attention on the youth, especially boys. The Heritage Treatment Center notes that rehabilitation centers or schools for troubled boys, are useful instruments to curtail the explosive energy of misguided youth. These institutions provide timely physical, emotional and educational growth for troubled teens.

Apparently, youth is the time where the young is most vulnerable to society’s diseases. As facts on the drug war detail: “Teen users are at significantly higher risk of developing an addictive disorder compared to adults, and the earlier they began using, the higher their risk.”

School for troubled boys foster needed positive influence on young minds by teaching them the fruits of healthy living, teamwork and friendship – among other values.

Taking care of the young is ensuring a better future for America in particular and for the world in general.