Deck the Halls! Rigging your Restaurant for the Holiday Season

Christmas CandleChristmas is right around the corner, and everybody knows it! For a restaurateur in Minnesota (MN), the holidays come with it a potentially enlivened market of customers old and new. It is an opportunity to make great strides in your business not only to serve food and beverage to your customers, but to serve happiness in the spirit of Christmas.

Getting with the theme of the holidays, here are a few ways to rig your diner for the festivities.

The Menu

The food is the heart and soul of your restaurant, and tailoring it to suit the holiday spirit is only a fitting move if you wish to get with the Christmas theme. Give your restaurant menu a complete revamping. Ask your chef to draft new food items for the menu that will serve the occasion. Sweet pastries and confections are particularly popular for the holidays, so if you have a pastry chef in your restaurant, best consult him. The revamped menu is sure to pump new hype for your restaurant’s selection of dishes to serve.

The Decor

While the food may be the heart and soul, your restaurant’s décor is the identity of the business. It shows people exactly what your restaurant represents, what it aspires to, and what atmosphere it offers to its diners. And while your current ambience suits the customers just well, you may want to change it for the holidays.

Since you are planning to move your restaurant theme towards Christmas, changing the decor will also have to follow the menu. For starters, Christmas decorations such as a household Christmas tree, socks, and a pile of gifts can be used to get that homely ambience.

MN experts opine that installation of Christmas lights to make the atmosphere bright and lively is a good start. Talk to your interior designer, and experiment with different ideas. It is also important to get the people to settle to the theme.

The Service

Last but not least of the components to ready your restaurant for a Christmas theme, is the service. Have your staff be extra courteous and accommodating to your customers, just like Christmas itself. Offer special promos for the holiday season such as discounts, raffles and the like. If you think your kitchen and wait staff can handle it, you can even offer customers to host their Christmas parties or get-togethers for them.

Christmas never fails to deliver those feelings of joy and belongingness to people. Understand those attributes, and apply them to your restaurant, and you may have a good holiday season for business yet!