Teaching Your Team to Play Like FC Barcelona

Any self-respecting soccer fan would know FC Barcelona. After winning 5 UEFA Champions League titles, the team has made a name for themselves in the football world. Many teams are trying to know their strategies and secrets for such reasons.

Playing Like FC Barcelona

Learning to play like FC Barcelona, however, requires looking at soccer from different angles. They do not just play soccer – they make it. Unlike other teams, Barça has a diverse playing style, which is largely responsible for their success.

This does not mean, however, that becoming like FC Barcelona is an impossible feat. Just as any online soccer coaching ebook will tell you, they use a Spanish football playing style called tiki-taka.

What is tiki-taka?

Tiki-taka is a technique that involves short, quick 2-second passes to prevent the enemy from taking possession of the ball. Players retain the ball for large portions of the game by moving the ball quickly from one player to the next. The aim is to keep the ball away from opponents while making a series of passes to score.

In a traditional soccer formation, players have specific positions and opponents to watch out for. They almost never shift their positions except in special circumstances.

It’s different for FC Barcelona’s tiki-taka playing style. Players have the freedom to move anywhere in the field. In fact, the whole team fights to win the ball back from opponents in six seconds. They will even press on until the opposing team creates an opening as they turn their back with the ball.

Secrets to success

Despite FC Barcelona’s success with tiki-taka, many still consider them as the greatest football club team over the past decade because of their unique playing style.

Soccer enthusiasts reveal that FC Barcelona redefined football as a numbers game. They set the trend of using statistics to get ahead of the game. That is why coaches and managers nowadays are noting players with most passes and possessions of the ball to come up with winning strategies.

Uncovering FC Barcelona’s secrets to success is a welcome challenge. The team may confound soccer enthusiasts with their erratic playing styles. But in doing these things, they change the way people play soccer as well as their definition of winning strategies.