Google’s AMP amps the SEO Industry Forward

If there’s an industry that constantly changes shape, it’s SEO. SEO is a moving target. It’s hardly found in the same place as it was just a few days prior, and this is mostly because it’s an industry with so many heads and players involved. Google, one of the biggest players, is responsible for a lot of major changes.

Recently, Google introduced an open-source content delivery platform that promises instantaneous loading of web pages on mobile devices. This accelerated mobile pages project has been developed after discussions with publishers and technology companies.

The Problem with Mobile Content Consumption

Consumption is changing because of the recent and drastic shift to mobile. White label SEO resellers and providers, like, as well as businesses that make use of SEO are all sitting up and taking notice of this new framework.

Mobile web is a powerhouse today, but it still gets frustrating. Users consume content wherever they are, wherever they find it. However, the case of mobile surfing is still riddled with fragmented formats and an ecosystem that still lacks stability.

Speed, Performance and Other Means of Going Forward

That said, Google launches a project that promises mobile optimized content that loads instantly and everywhere. The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is an open source initiative that allows webpages with rich content to load instantaneously and to work across multiple platforms and devices.

The goal here is more than convenience. Through this initiative, Google is hoping to preserve the open web publishing model and the revenue streams, two factors crucial to the industry’s efforts of sustainability when it comes to quality publishing.

Designed to support beautiful mobile content, AMP hopes to innovate user experience while reinforcing advertising and business models. In a time and in an industry where even the littlest changes make a huge difference, speed and performance drives everything forward.