DIY Guide in Repairing Air Conditioner

It is recommended you get professionals to check your AC unit thoroughly to be sure nothing will go wrong. Maintaining the function of your air conditioning unit saves you energy and money. It’s better you know some of the best providers of air conditioner repair services in Salt Lake City so in case of an AC emergency, you will know who to turn to.

But it pays to have basic knowledge in AC repair. Here is a guide on repairing your own AC unit in case it suddenly malfunctions:

  • Inspect the Entire Unit

When you see signs of problems, inspect first your air conditioner. Check the ducts, coils, blowers and filters for any hitch, then find if there are leaks or cracks around the system. Also, observe the outdoor handlers and check for any presence of fallen debris, or solid items that could deter the system from functioning properly. Clean the filters every month.

  • Dissolve the Ice

It is possible for AC units to frost when not properly cooled off. Melting or dissolving the ice in your unit is easy. Turn off the system and run the fan. It will help dissolve the ice faster. You can also turn off your air conditioner and let the frost melt naturally.

  •  Check the Thermostat

Check the thermostat first before replacing them. There are instances where you just need to replace it with new batteries rather than completely replacing the whole unit. Remember that the unit should not be turned off when checking, just set it to fan mode.

In case the problem with your AC is complicated, don’t hesitate to call a professional. All Pro Appliance Service and Repair, Inc recommends choosing a service provider that offers flexible hours of service at no extra charge.

Having the basic knowledge on some minor air conditioning repair is beneficial. Remember to prepare first all the tools necessary before proceeding with the repair.