Common Reasons for Trying Drugs and the Drug Dangers of Drug Abuse

Over the years, drug addiction has become a widespread problem that affects millions of people. Governments and organizations have spent billions of dollars in trying to eradicate this menace. However, to understand why this problem persists and to be able to develop effective treatment programs, looking at why people take drugs and how it affects the mind should first be the approach.

Common Reasons Why People Take Drugs

As it is, there are many different reasons why people are tempted to take drugs. Here are a few of the most common ones cited by patients suffering from addiction.

  1. Curiosity – they simply want to know why others are taking it
  2. Peer pressure – they want to belong to a particular group or circle
  3. Relieve stress – they use the induced high to ease stress
  4. Get away from problems – much the same reason as with relieving stress.
  5. Ease boredom – they simply want to try something different
How Do Drugs Affect Your Brain?

One thing you need to note is that there are many different kinds of drugs, each having a different effect on your body. However, all of them wreck havoc by causing disruptions in your brain’s normal functions. There are two different ways that drugs can disturb the brain’s functions: first, by over stimulating its natural “reward center”, and second, by imitating the brain’s natural chemical transmitters.

Of the first type, cocaine and meth are the most well-known examples. These stimulate the brain to release too much dopamine, which is the body’s “pleasure chemical”. For the second one, marijuana and heroin are two examples, both of which similar structures to the brain’s natural transmitters. This leads to the brain to send abnormal signals to the nerve cells in response to these.

Addiction sets in once the brain starts to become immune to the effects of a drug’s initial dose. In order to get the same effect, one will be tempted to take more doses. This is now called addiction. Addiction is difficult to overcome and will most likely need help from a Utah drug rehab center.

Whichever reason it is though, once a person becomes hooked to drugs, it would be very difficult to come back. Thus, it is important to prevent addiction from happening in the first place. This is where the help of family, friends, and organizations becomes very important.