The Items You Shouldn’t Attempt to Relocate On Your Own

Relocating to a new office or home means hauling valuables and possessions not only weighing tons, but collectively worth a lot of money. While you can move some of the stuff on your own, there are  some things you should leave in the care of professional movers.

Pianos and other large, expensive musical instruments

It’s safer to let experts handle certain types of musical instruments. Even just a slight bump can lead to a small ding or dent, which can already bring down the instrument’s overall value. Furthermore, these may impact the structural integrity of the instrument, causing problems in the way it produces sounds.

Safes — particularly gun safes

Anything that’s of extreme weight, like safes, is best left in the hands of trained individuals. These items, particularly those designed for the use of gun storage and security, usually have a minimum weight of 300 pounds, with some being far heavier – weighing up to 1,500 pounds.

The lifting, moving, and delivery of these items require not only knowledge but also specialized equipment. Improper handling may cause serious damages and injuries. Whether you’re exercising or carrying a heavy object, says using incorrect lifting techniques can lead to back pains.

Anything that requires special training and expertise

Automobiles and other special or valuable items should not be included in your DIY moving plans. This is particularly true for uninsured, fragile, and easily-damaged valuables. says a slip and fall accident, which is already dangerous, can also compromise the security features of your safe.

Avoid the disastrous consequences of moving and handling items on your own. Rather than damaging the valuable items, focus your efforts on moving the smaller, less fragile stuff.