Keratin Treatment: Let Your Crowning Glory Shine

Keratin is a protein and the main ingredient in the outer layer of your hair. It strengthens, smoothens and eliminates the frizz on the hair. For people with frizzy hair, Keratin treatment is a great smoothening solution.  This temporary straightening procedure instantly transforms unruly hair into a shiny and healthy one.

The keratin treatment procedure uses a high temperature flat iron to infuse keratin into the hair. This helps seal the hair cuticle and repair any damage. In effect, the hair becomes stronger, healthier, smoother and even more manageable.

Benefits of the Treatment

It may take hours for those with frizzy hair to straighten their crowning glory every day. The keratin treatment provides an option to help you save time getting ready and improve the condition of your hair. This treatment is more of a restorative method as this strengthens your hair shaft, making your hair more elastic and resilient. The treatment is very effective that you can actually walk out in light rain without worrying that your hair will frizz.

Hair Maintenance

There are several ways to maintain the effect of a keratin treatment for a long time. Wash your hair less frequently and use a shampoo or a conditioner that does not contain sodium chloride. Use a product that has a UV protection ingredient and avoid long exposure to sun, salt water and chlorine.

Are you planning to colour your hair after the treatment? It is advisable to wait for two weeks so that the keratin is already sealed on your hair. Also, it is highly recommended to repeat the treatment for excellent results.

Your hair affects your overall look. So keep it in good condition all the time. Nourish it with high quality hair products and let hair professionals treat it regularly.

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