Snowboard Base Repair: DIY or Employ the Help of a Professional?

Nothing’s worse than the sound of scraping rocks and finding the base of your snowboard damaged. Take a deep breath—you can easily fix minor dings and scratches at home.

Assessing Snowboard Base Damage

While minor scrapes and gouges are pretty much repairable at home, some will require professional help. Repair shallow gouges that don’t affect the edge of your board, as well as small scratches with a depth of ½ mm or less.

On the other hand, if your snowboard has a compressed or sintered base, and if the gouges are deep and affect the edge or core of your board, let a professional do the repair. Erik’s Bike Shop Inc. says professionals use the latest technology to make sure your snowboard will be tuned to factory standards.

For a snowboard that has been damaged and repaired multiple times, a professional stone grinding may be required. But if the cost of repair of your existing board is comparable to buying a new one, you may want to consider trading your old board for something new.

Do-It-Yourself Snowboard Base Repair

Gather your repair tools, including cleaning tools, a P-Tex (polyethylene) repair candle, scraper, scalpel or blade, and a lighter. Here are some things you need to keep in mind:

  • Make sure your snowboard base is thoroughly clean so that it will readily and easily absorb the wax. Use a brush for removing debris and follow up with a cleaning cloth. Spray a specially formulated base cleaner and spread it out using a paper towel. If you see any material or debris, use a sharp blade to cut it out.
  • Use a P-Tex repair candle to fill in gouges. Be careful with the P-Tex candle since it can stick to anything when heated. When it has reached its melting point, drip the candle into the gouge and let it air dry for at least 20 minutes. When necessary, repeat this step until you completely fill in the gouge.
  • Utilize your scraper to remove any excess P-Tex, making sure that the repaired gouge is in level with your snowboard base. Give the snowboard base a last wipe with your cleaning cloth and proceed to waxing it.
    To lessen the risks of accidents when you go snowboarding, you have to keep your snowboard in good condition. Inspect your equipment regularly.