From Garnet to Topaz: The G to T of Birthstones

Birthstones can be traced back to ancient times when they were believed to have magical properties that could keep the wearer or owner safe. They were traditionally linked to the Zodiac.

Nowadays, they are associated with calendar months, with every month having its own assigned birthstone and supposed properties. Limogès Jewelry shares the following information below:

Garnet (January) – Increases energy, willpower, confidence, and calmness. Its attributes include constancy, love, and faith.

Purple Amethyst (February) – Symbolizes serenity, temperance, royalty, and peace. Protects wearers from drunkenness.

Aquamarine (March) – Signifies good health, hope, love, and youth. Wearers can feel an increase in courage and happiness, and may find themselves reawakening their love for their partner.

Diamond (April) – Stands for invincibility and eternal love. In ancient times, it was believed to defend against insanity.

Emerald (May) – Represents fertility, health, faithfulness, patience, growth, and wisdom. It was believed to cure many kinds of illnesses and possess magical and bewitching properties.

Pearl (June) – Denotes purity, stability, modesty, and chastity. Wearers can experience and increase in personal growth and integrity.

Ruby (July) – Signifies peace, love, passion, and harmony and speaks of nobility and quiet

strength. Hailed as the “King of Gems” by the ancient Hindus since people believed it can ward off evil entities.

Peridot (August) – Symbolizes faith, innocence, strength, and fidelity. It balances your mind and emotions and is believed to protect from evil and depression.

Sapphire (September) – Speaks of wisdom, faith, purity, serenity, loyalty, and dignity. It is believed to enhance the wearer’s spirituality and increase clarity of the mind.

Opal and Tourmaline (October) – Signifies hope, purity, innocence, and creativity. It is known to safeguard the wearer from evil and malicious individuals.

Citrine and Topaz (November) – Associated with mind and body healing, as well as strength,

love, affection, confidence, and wisdom. It protects against negative thoughts and emotions and supports mental clarity.

Blue Topaz and Tanzanite (December) – Symbolizes a joyous life, fidelity, love, and wealth.

Safeguards against many illnesses and promotes healing.

Whether incorporating a birthstone into a pair of personalized birthstone earrings, a necklace, or a ring, it is a great way to add something extra. You never know—their alledged magical, healing, and protection properties may prove to be true after all.