The Advantages of Being a Woman in Playing Poker

For many years, the joys of playing poker is confined to the gentlemen. With the emergence and success of professional female poker players in 2004, this began to change.

With the likes of Annie Duke, Jennifer Tilly, Cyndy Violette, Jennifer Harman, Mary Jones, Barbara Enright, and Evelyn Ng, the game started opening up to the female players. But inspite of the rising numbers of poker players from the fairer sex, there is still a reigning stigma that the sport is not for girls. While being a woman in the poker table is seen as a weakness. Biology suggests otherwise., a popular poker hub in the Philippines, is a witness to the growing number of women players. A testament of their power to emerge in the “men’s game”. Here is what makes them formidable in front of the poker table:

Woman’s Intuition. Women are gifted with intuition, which formerly is thought as luck. Research shows that women are better at reading non-verbal language than men. Some scientists think that women’s perception is more developed. The female brain is more geared to perceiving, analyzing and interpreting nonverbal signs.

Women are Not Aggressive. While men are inclined to play the GoT – Game of Testosterone – women tend to hold their composure longer. They are not immune to irritation, heckling and death stares, but they sure know how to hold back to strategize more while men can be cognitively distracted.

Higher Stress Tolerance. Women are wired for higher pain tolerance that explains why they survive giving birth without the training. NASA found that women tend to stress less in high pressure situations and can probably outlast men during a tight game.

Women as the Underdog. As mentioned above, women are seen as inferiors in this man’s game. Their advantage lies in the fact that their opponents may possibly lower defense. In psychological studies, too, men really tend to soften out for the daughters of Eve.

The game of poker has started to heat up as more women are joining the big leagues. And beneath their female form lies an opponent that can match and outwit men.